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We are a Child Development and Therapy centre specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of various developmental disorders, psychomotor and language problems, learning disorders, attention deficits, etc.

Our aim is to offer families a comprehensive response to children’s problems and disorders. To this end, we have an interdisciplinary team made up of psychologists, pedagogues, speech therapists and psychomotor therapists, with extensive training and clinical experience in working and intervening with children in the infant and primary stages, as well as in advising families and other professionals.

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Behavioural disorders
Disobedient behaviour, negative attitudes, defiant behaviour…behaviour disorders are often associated with attention deficit disorders but can also be due to other things such as jealousy or emotional changes.
Developmental delays
Cases in which the child doesn’t appear to be reaching the normal goals of development around the average age they should be doing so. These disorders are detected from very early ages and the sooner an appropriate intervention is put in place, the more likely the child will improve and reach a similar level to that of their age group.
Anxiety disorders
There are children who from early ages show clear symptoms of an anxiety disorder. There are a variety of causes but anxiety is often associated with stressful environmental situations (changes, death¬¬, birth of a new baby…) It depends of the frequency, intensity and duration of the anxiety whether it will require therapeutic intervention or not.
Sleeping disorders Sphincter control: bedwetting, enuresis, encopresis
Problems associated with toilet training are very common. Children can be of a primary age when they are unable to acquire control or secondary when they have acquired the control, and a setback occurs. The latter is usually established as symptoms of some kind of emotional disturbance.
Jealousy is a relatively normal emotion that children have to overcome, but we have to pay close attention when their coexistence and normal child development changes or they are persistent and do not subside after a few years.
Whichever form of psychological abuse – verbal or physical which occurs repeatedly over a period of time – can produce a tremendous amount of emotional suffering and can also have serious consequences if not acted upon at the time.
Social skills
Naturally learned behaviours that show in interpersonal situations, which are socially accepted and aimed at obtaining environmental reinforcement. There are children who lack these skills and gradually feel more and more excluded from their peer group, and therefore require a therapeutic intervention that stimulates their relationship with others.


Learning difficulties
This is a varied group of problems which become evident in difficulties with the acquisition and use of skills such as listening, speaking, writing, reading, reasoning or mathematical skills
Attention Problems
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is characterised by easily altered/ scattered attention, impulsivity and restlessness. There are different subtypes, the second is more pronounced for lack of attention or impulsivity and restlessness.
Reading and Writing Difficulties Dyslexia
Dyslexia is the difficulty to learn and identify letters and words. It especially appears when a child begins learning to read, however in most cases you can see evidence before this stage. Children with dyslexia can show problems such as changing one letter for another, rotating letters (‘plue’ for ‘blue’), inventing the order (‘baech’ for ‘beach’), and inventing words (‘houa for ‘house’.) Children with dyslexia usually have problems understanding and keeping up with the rest of the class. Having difficulty in learning to read will usually trigger a delay in school work and the child can begin to have problems with their self-esteem, or structuring their ideas.
Occurs when a child has problems writing words correctly (not just referring to bad handwriting.) They make the mistake of substituting one letter for another, joining two words that are supposed to be separated or vice versa and inventing the order of letters. As they go through school they show problems with writing and also having difficulty organizing