Nursery Schools in company
set up a nursery school in the company

the key to family reconciliation and the reduction of absenteeism

eduqa consultancy and management of nursery school at organisations, specialises in the consulting, development and project management of childhood education within the working environment (especially nursery schools and playgroups.)

Our goal is to improve employee productivity and profit from businesses through the development of a more efficient working environment.

eduqa works with companies and institutions committed towards social responsibility, those who recognize that they key to success lies within human capital.

eduqa’s committee is formed by a group of professionals from the fields of education, human resources, consulting and finance. The combination of experience and knowledge helps us to understand the needs of parents and organizations, it allows us to design and implement solutions that improve the coexistence and company-employee relationships.

Families have trusted us


For the company

  • Facilitates the recruitment of the best professionals in your organisation, becoming the employer of choice.
  • Increases staff retention.
  • Improves productivity.
  • Reduces absenteeism.
  • Favours punctuality.
  • Increases the number of women returning to their job after maternity leave
  • Promotes parents to feel proud of being part of a socially responsible organization
  • Improves the external image that your organisation offers

For parents and staff

eduqa’s nurseries allow us to enjoy the company of our little ones longer, where transfers between home and office become a nice moment to share with them.

Our children are close by and in good hands, this makes us feel safe and encourages us to concentrate on our work. We also offer flexible hours to meet the needs of our profession.

eduqa nurseries in-company means a saving for us: the remuneration, as employees, that we may receive by way of school grant is not considered working income and is therefore exempt from taxation.

Service and solutions

eduqa services are designed to suit the specific needs of each client. We devote considerable efforts in understanding their requirements and offer different solutions when necessary. Our services optimise all available resources which maximizes the satisfaction of parents and the corporation.

A nursery located within or in the vicinity of the company. Dedicated exclusively to the children of the employees of your company and adapted in size, timetables as well as costs to the particular needs of each
organisation. Their private adapts to dynamic business environments.
A nursery placed inside a Business Area. The services of the nursery are shared among various companies. The access to the school could be exclusive for the businesses in the Area or open to the general public. This type of nursery is interesting for Business Parks, industrial states, financial centres, etc.
This is a play area of games and playtime where children take part in fun activities which contribute to their development. They are common in shopping centres, supermarkets and waiting areas – airports, stations etc.