Groups in which, through a fun methodology, children develop their social skills: empathy, tolerance and assertiveness, and their emotional skills: self-knowledge, self-esteem, autonomy, etc. Leadership through the knowledge of their own strengths: communication, teamwork, creative resolution, emotional management and optimistic thinking.

• Children between 3 and 9 years
• Maximum of 7 children per group.
• The activity consists of one session per week of 55 minutes, by age group.
• Tables: Monday: Groups of 2 to 4 Groups of 5 to 8 Groups of 9 to 12
• La Moraleja: Wednesday: Groups of 2 to 4 Groups of 5 to 8 Groups of 9 to 12
• Activity led by psychologists of CRECEBIEN with more than 10 years of experience in the management and management of emotions.


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