Design Thinking for your non-school days!

por | Sep 12, 2017 | eduqa

Innovation, communication, creativity…

Christmas Camp, Easter Camps and non-school days with workshops based on real projects: your children will learn about their strenghts through the Design Thinking methodology.

They will use this methodology it for projects such as creating a city or their own television channel. They will be architects, reporters, engineers, producers, tv stars… Endless roles to be prepare for the real world with the aim of working self-knowledge, emotional management, communication, resilience, maker culture, planning, resource management … They create, build and work as a team to achieve a common goal!

• Horario de 7:30 a 19:00h.
• Profesoras con amplia experiencia y formación específica en Design Thinking.
• De 3 a 8 años.
• Plazas limitadas. ¡Reserva la tuya!
• CONTACTO: / 91 625 04 20 / 91 302 96 26


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