our identifying characteristics

Pedagogical approach

Pedagogical model

Our pedagogical model works on the intelligences and skills necessary for a balanced and happy development of the child
within an English speaking universe


The eduqa methodology, innovative in the Early Childhood Education sector in Spain, guarantees an individualized development of each child: we carry out continuous monitoring and external professional evaluation in the middle of the school year from classroom and school activities to the needs of each child


key paramters for each phase of development


the programmed activities as part of the usual classroom dynamics


each child indvidually in terms of his or her evolving capabilities and abilities


the development of their full potential within classroom activities


Specific program tailored for each child and supervised by experts to enable the child to reach his or her full potential

Foundation of our
educational model

Safe environment

eduqa focuses on safety prior to any learning process. Based on the bonding theories, and from Safe Learning and Mentalisation, we nurture their capacities.


We stimulate the affective, emotional, social and congnitive development of each child.
Early intervention helps the child to achieve maximum learning and performance while gaining confidence and autonomy.


Experts who support the whole process. A team of specialists in speech theraphy, psychomotor skills and psychologists ensure that each child achieves their full potential.


Annual individualised assessment. Through psychodiagnostic observation and tests, we supervise that the child’s development is in line with their chronological age, emotional and cognitive maturity, and their vital moment.


English integrated as a vehicular language, so that language learning is spontaneous, natural and fun at this stage, where we find the greatest neuronal plasticity.