Raquel Sanz González

Letter from
the Head Teacher

As a psychologist, pedagogue and child psychotherapist specialising in education and childhood, as a mother of 4 daughters and after 22 years in education, I am very fortunate to be able to direct a project that moves me from the inside because it rescues the great value of childhood.

The infant stage is undoubtedly the most important stage of education, and to be able to design respectful but demanding processes and be a guide in the stage in which the brain is more plastic, the personality is developed and the character is formed, … is a great honour and responsibility.

At eduqa group we offer the best educational quality, in an exclusive space for children.

We have our own educational project, based on the British model and with complete immersion in English, where the child will be prepared to successfully face the following stages of schooling and, above all, will develop skills and abilities that will stay with them for life.

It is also thanks to our extraordinary team that we can guarantee the success of our educational model. All our teachers, whether native or bilingual, have extensive training and experience in early childhood education to guarantee the complete immersion of our students and their natural learning.

All children deserve the best start in their education to develop their full potential. Guiding them in that process is our commitment.

On behalf of the entire eduqa group educational community, we welcome you and thank you for the trust you place upon us.