Jaime Alonso-Iñarra

How eduqa Group was born

In the mid-2000s my two children were born in the middle of a sweltering summer in Madrid. It was a very hard pregnancy for my wife, because they were stubborn and did not want to go out, and despite being twins, they were delayed a week beyond the expected pregnancy end.

That day my life took a 180-degree turn. I had always been an independent and adventurous person, I had lived in several countries and moved lightly, but that day an intense sense of responsibility came over me. A clear, imposing and forever reality.

This was my birthday present, five days later, and as if I had been given a much-desired toy, I immediately started reading the instruction book. The internet was an ocean full of all the information I longed to know: fontanel, meconium, Shantala massage, etc. A range of new concepts and a world, which like my children, was beginning to grow on me.

I immediately came to the education part, because I had always been interested in it, and in fact it was what I wanted to dedicate my life to, but I had never taken the step. I soaked up educational models, neurology, the weight of languages, psychomotor skills, who Vigotsky, Steiner, Skinner, Montessori were and what they said… and loaded with all this information I went out in search of THE SCHOOL. And I went to see many of them, the closest ones and also the most cutting-edge ones of the moment. What I found was very uneven and above all very focused on care and little on learning; I could not find what I was looking for!

It was at that moment when I decided that, surely, something more professional could be done, more focused on education: an early childhood education that would put children at the top of the rank when they entered primary school.

And so eduqa was born. The first thing we did was to incorporate the didactics and theory of education departments of two universities in Madrid to draw up a complete educational project, a project that incorporated the best of all educational trends.

We opened our centre eduqa Las Tablas, and shortly afterwards eduqa La Moraleja. In our eagerness to offer our students the best and most balanced development, we incorporated a psychomotor therapist, then a speech therapist and a psychologist. Thus was born our Centre for Infant and Juvenile Therapies which provides services to our pupils, and to many children from other educational centres. Then came eduqa Valdebebas, and … now what? Now we will continue working in our line, in educating each one of our children so that they go to Primary school confident, motivated and with resources, that is to say, well prepared and happy.