Families Guidance

At our center in La Moraleja we have held our Schools for Families for more than 12 years. Our speaker, Loreto Cid, is a psychologist specialized in childhood who works in the private and public environment.

Our schools for families are free and have a playroom for your children

We deal with various topics, for example:


Yes you can!

Promote AUTONOMY as a basic ingredient for good self-esteem


How to promote security and confidence in our children?

Parents facing LIMITS, RULES and ROUTINES


What is wrong with my son?

Understanding and managing TANTRUMs


When and how to leave the DIAPER?

Review of the errors, tensions and demands that interfere with the natural process of sphincter control.


You, me and FOOD

Towards an understanding of the emotional experience of feeding.


How do children sleep?

CHILDREN’S SLEEP and its management in the family environment.


Why do kids play?

Know the importance of PLAY in children and its benefits in their emotional development.


... ... And the JEALOUSY came

Understanding and managing their emotional world.


Am I establishing a secure ATTACHMENT with my children?

A review on how to bond emotionally with our children.